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Day 19: Cowen Park Café

Well, our 20-day coffee shop adventure is quickly drawing to a close. As therapeutic (and caffeinating!) as these café visits have been, however, I may need to stretch this operation out for a few more days.

My visit to All City Coffee—and the discovery of Seattle’s top 5 latte finalists, as rated by Seattle Weekly—spurred today’s trip to Ravenna. As Weekly’s Siiri Sampson tells it, Ravenna’s Cowen Park Grocery (CPG to the locals) falls third in the best latte line-up. Doodle and I just had to investigate.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this Korean grocery store/café hybrid. Because really, how often can you fill a growler with Manny’s, nosh on an authentic Korean taco, and order a top-rated espresso beverage, all at the same place? When we showed up, the café corner of the building was packed, and we crammed into a spot near the dividing line between coffee and grocery. The partition between the two spaces was a hodge-podge construction of wall-to-floor shelving that displayed Caffé Umbria and Bodum goods and a grocery-facing wine rack.

What’s hot

  • CPG’s selection of Le Fournil pastries and egg-filled breakfast menu (yours until 1pm on weekends)
  • Passwordless (for now) free WiFi!
  • Bench seating, elbow to elbow with fellow latte-sippers
  • Neighborhood appeal
  • Seattle-based beans, a la Caffe Umbria
  • Friendly tableside service
  • Local beer, wine, and java joint: three in one!
  • Tons and tons of power outlets (read: every remote work gal’s dream)

What’s not

  • Over-hyped lattes (my cap was great, but it wasn’t all that and it certainly wasn’t the 3rd best latte of my life)
  • Literally not hot: the temperature. Poor Doodle and I were warming our hands by laptop heat

Where’s CPG?

On the edge of Ravenna Park, CPG is seconds away from both Greenlake and the Ave.

The verdict

CPG serves its purpose as an indie neighborhood caffeine provider, but I wouldn’t venture there all the way from West Seattle.

Next up…

This coffee shop train is stopped at the station until next week, because tomorrow I’m Vegas bound! That’s right—I’m gearing up for four days of glitz, glamour, and debauchery good clean fun in Sin City. Joined by my man and two of my favorite couples, there’s no telling what’s in store.

See ya Monday. Until then…Viva Las Vegas!

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