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Day 20: V3

I didn’t venture far for my cappuccino this morning. 15 minutes and one short bridge later, I found myself at Spokane and Beacon, home of the Beacon Hill Victrola.

This was my second attempt at visiting V3. I stopped off at the café on my way home from Redmond yesterday, but the work session I’d planned was put on hold after a call to the vet scared me into thinking that Jasper was dying of leptospirosis. (Non-crisis now averted.)

The Beacon Hill café is much smaller than the location on 15th. It’s got the trademark Victrola tables and chairs outside, and the inside seating is an eclectic sample of two- and three-person tables, as well as a solid wooden community table. The minimalist décor featured bookshelves and a photograph installation by local artist Michelle Smith-Lewis on one wall and what appeared to be a massive pencil and paint bird’s eye view sketch of the neighborhood on the other. I dug it.

History. Before V3 was Victrola, it was Galaxie Coffee. The former owners closed up shop in favor of much-needed family time, and Victrola opened the doors to its third location on September 1st of 2008.

Weekend appeal. Although Seattle is chock-full of weekly cupping locales, it’s apparently lacking in weekend cupping rituals. This Beacon Hill joint fills that void, offering cuppings every Saturday (the Victrola roasting operation on Pike holds its cuppings on Fridays).

Neighborhood flava. The Beacon Hill scene is a south-side variant of the Capitol Hill scene. Sure, it’s got the usual mix of yuppies and hipsters, but it’s also the morning stop of choice for a diverse group of locals. From my seat by the window, I watched as coffee drinkers of all ages, colors, and walks of life entered the door. Many of the customers were regulars, greeting the one-man barista operation by name with friendly hellos and small talk.

Dream job title. In my brief V3 research, I came across this review by Viv Weinkauf from the Examiner. Her official title? Seattle Coffeeshop Examiner. Sign me up for that! (No, seriously, I’m in.)

The verdict. In all my stops, this was definitely one of my favorites. Why?

  • The Butterhorn: My own true pastry love
  • The Foam: Today’s wet soy capp was swoon-worthy
  • Location: An urban neighborhood, but close to home
  • Workspace: Tables and power outlets for all
  • Neighborhood appeal: Nuff said
  • Parking (for those fossil fuel-dependents, like myself): For once, I didn’t have to move my car after two hours

So, what’s next? I’ve loved this coffee shop challenge. It not only achieved my basic goal—shower, get dressed, get the hell out of the house—it introduced me to new cafes and expanded my surface knowledge of the Seattle coffeeshop scene. But while I’ve loved this adventure, I think it’s time to draw the challenge to an official close. (What can I say, classes are ramping up and my blogging creativity is winding down—you can only rave about a cup of coffee in so many ways.)

Tomorrow, a wrap up. Then it’s back to business as usual. It’s been fun.

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