Seattle adventures, life, home, and coffee—in no particular order

A caffeinated conclusion

The official coffee shop agenda is complete. As such, this was my first time working entirely from home in more than a month. To celebrate, I made an extra-strong pot of Victrola Sumatra and stayed in my PJs ‘til 4pm. Jasper’s celebratory maneuver? Lounging in bed—squarely atop my pillow—until noon. It’s a rough life for the both of us.

It feels like the only appropriate end to my coffee adventures is a recap of the journey. Hang in there, this will be my last coffee post for quite some time, promise…

Starting line

  • The thread that broke the camel’s back: The day I started having more conversations with Jasper the Dog than real, live humans
  • The challenge: 20 coffee shops in 20 consecutive work days
  • My [sometime] partner-in-crime: The one and only Doodle
  • The boundaries: The greater Seattle area, the eastside included (but with a serious bias toward south and west Seattle and Capitol Hill)

By the numbers

Honor roll

And, the prestigious award you’ve all been waiting for: The Coffee Shop Equivalent of Heaven (aka: Most Likely to Get a Visit from My Credit Card on a Regular Basis). Drumroll, please…

In first place, we have a two-way tie. The honors go to: Georgetown’s All City Coffee and the Beacon Hill Victrola.

Finishing at a close second (mostly because of its workability): the West Sleazy Café Ladro.

The end is never the end

Although this is the official end of the coffee shop blog challenge, my coffee shop adventuring is far from over. (For the sake of my sanity…and Adam’s). I’ll still be venturing out and sampling the finest (and worst) cafes Seattle has to offer. And I’ll probably be blogging about if from time to time, but no promises/threats.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to an unnamed Burien café to finish a paper…

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This entry was posted on February 17, 2011 by in Coffee shop challenge.
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