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I’m in luv with a hipster

Let’s just get it out there: Ryan Bingham is dreamy.

Is it the hair and beard? Sure. The confidence? Yes. His guitar playing? Of course. The sexy, sexy voice? Oh, hell yes.

My introduction to Ryan Bingham was courtesy Jeff Bridges and Crazy Heart. Since then, he’s been on my Pandora rotation. He’s also putting up a fierce fight against Ray LaMontagne for the esteemed title of The Musician I Lust After.

When Cousin Tess informed me he was playing at Neumo’s (sidenote for Jess—Neumo’s is on Capitol Hill), we didn’t think twice. For one, it was a chance to see my man crush a talented musician. And almost as importantly, it was an excuse to inhale yet another pepperoni and feta pie from Bill’s (yes, Melissa, I’m officially addicted).

Despite our precarious perch on the upstairs riser, the hot, hot balcony, and the crazy drunk men along the rail, the show was awesome. And luckily for Adam, I could only lay eyes on my hipster man-crush when the guy in front of me took a swig of his Red Stripe.

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This entry was posted on February 21, 2011 by in Musica, Seattle.
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