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Red wall, blue wall

Most of the time I’m content simply dreaming about home improvements. (Read: I’m home improvement lazy.) Some of the time I want to remodel every surface of our home. Tonight.

Last week Adam decided we should paint the hallway. The hallway—like most of the main floor—was a pale, buttery yellow. Combined with the five white doors in the small hall, the space was a little…blah.


I immediately envisioned a tasteful, serene alternative: burnt orange.

Ok, so in retrospect, it wasn’t the best color choice, but it took a few terrible color tests to see the light. From there, the final color choice was just a hop, skip, and a CMYK away. The winner? Morrocan red. Spicy!

Without fail, at some point between the prep work and the glob of rouge paint on the once-white trim, I regret the urge to paint.  

And good lord, was that red paint a pain in my ass.

But, also without fail, after gazing awestruck at the finished product, I overlook the regret and start looking for something else to paint.

Which led me to the bathroom. The tiny, tiny bathroom that makes me yearn for an upstairs master bathroom on a regular basis. The baby blue bathroom that makes my burnt orange inspiration seem downright brilliant.

It’s now cayman bay blue:

And I’m scoping out my next victim.

Mommy's little helper


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