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Still addicted

I may have promised to take a coffee shop blogging break. Forgive me for going back on my word so soon, but…I’m addicted.

Ever since the coffee shop challenge drew to a close I’ve been hopping back and forth between old favorites and new unknowns. My visits to new locales have taken me from White Center to Northgate, from Bellevue to Greenwood/Phinney Ridge.

Recent caffeine fuel stops include:

  • Caffé Vita (x2: Fremont, and then the new location in Greenwood): My love for Vita has not diminished, especially since I discovered their amazing tangerine ginger tea. The Fremont and Greenwood cafes are more my speed than the locale on the Hill, and the parking is plentiful. And rumor has it that a new Mioposto is going in next to the Greenwood shop—count me in!
  • Dubsea Coffee: White Center, I’m so sorry I doubted you. I literally drive by the streetside sign for this place five days a week. Until I read a rave review online, I figured it was another tacky south-end café, and ohhh, was I wrong. Dubsea is tucked into the new Greenbridge area of White Center. It’s cute and accessible and the barista is friendly and a foam producing expert. Oh, and they serve Stumptown. Sold! Hands down, my new favorite.
  • Fuel (Wallingford): The Montlake Fuel wasn’t my favorite coffee shop of all time. The Wallingford Fuel was a different story. I spent a Saturday morning here working on research for my publications class. The sun was out, the coffee was delicious, and the café was hopping! I’m always down for a visit to Wallingford, and this Fuel is a new addition to my coffee shop rotation.
  • Jewel Box Café (Northgate): I headed up to Northgate to pick up some recycled bottles from gorgeous Dani. After a brief online search, I decided upon the Jewel Box (located in the new Thornton Place development). The coffee was ‘aight, but the food selection was AMAZING. And no, I didn’t have the willpower to turn down a banana-nutella crepe. Jewel Box was cute, but not cute enough to lure me to Northgate without other plans.
  • Peet’s Coffee (Interbay): Meh.
  • Starbucks (next to Red Mill Burgers in Phinney Ridge): Dodging hail and fighting the wind, I sought refuge in Sbux before my doctor’s appointment. Only after I ordered a drip and a breakfast sandwich did I realized I stumbled across the ONE Starbucks in all of the city that doesn’t have WiFi. WTF???
  • VoVito Café and Gelato (Bravern, Bellevue): My Slayer discovery  (following a visit to the Kirkland Zoka) prompted a trip to Bravern’s new VoVito. (To recap, the Slayer is an uber-expensive, ultra amazing espresso machine. Manufactured in Seattle’s own Georgetown neighborhood, only about 20 machines exist worldwide. VoVito is home to two of the twenty-something.) We were greeted by a dazzling array of gelato. If it hadn’t been 9am, I would have been all over that like white on rice. The croissants were a little dry, but the espresso was nothing short of spectacular. You can chalk it up to my preconceived Slayer expectations, but I’ll be sure to swing through VoVito on all subsequent trips to Bellevue.

That’s all for now. The running java to-do list includes Blackbird, Caffé Fiore, Firehouse Coffee, and Aster Coffee Lounge (Ballard), Herkimer in Greenwood (tried this once, but had to leave ‘cause it’s cash-money only!), Empire Espresso Bar (Columbia City), Zeitgeist (Pioneer Square), Trabant Coffee (U District), and Muse Coffee (Queen Anne).

Suggestions? Scathing comments? Itchin’ for a coffee shop date? Let me know! xoxo

2 comments on “Still addicted

  1. Sean -
    March 8, 2012

    Wow thanks for the shout out!!!

    Glad to see you gave us a shot even though you had doubts, and proud that we were able to overcome those doubts!

    Thanks for being so awesome to add us in your post.

    See you soon!

    P.S. If I may add a suggestion for your ‘java to-do list’ – which is Milstead & Co. in Fremont (just one block west of the PCC). Talk to Andrew Milstead, tell him Dubsea Coffee sent ya :)

    • stephchach
      March 8, 2012

      Too funny—I work directly acros the street from Milstead, and I’m in there almost daily! Andy is amazing! I will definitely pass on the Dubsea love ;)

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