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Bright and shiny

Ever have one of those days when you’re just bursting at the seams with goodness, and all is right with the world?

Oh, the power of unexpected Seattle sunshine.

Top ten reasons why today is, without a doubt, a good day:

  1. REI dividend shopping binge. Yours truly is now equipped with new [deeply discounted] winter boots, day pack, wicking underlayer, and this oh-so-adorable yellow rain shell. God bless the REI credit card.
  2. The MIRACULOUS gentle leader. A helpful random at the pet store talked me into giving the gentle leader a try. I don’t want to jinx it, but my once chomping-at-the-bit dog is now a perfect angel on a leash. Whoa.
  3. El Chupacabra. The promise of over-sized margs with my favorite couple is today’s homework motivation.
  4. Handsome lawn boy man. There is a handsome, sweaty man ferociously pulling weeds in the front yard. Oh, and he’s going to be my husband in T-minus 6 months. Lucky, lucky moi.
  5. Pearls and Lace delivery. Ladies, the wedding dress has arrived!!!!! Despite the fact that I’m in no condition to try on my lovely gown, it’s here!!! Ack! This wedding thing is suddenly legit.
  6. Costa Rican adventure. In a similar vein, the honeymoon is crossed off my wedding to-do list. Our first Thanksgiving as man and wife will be spent lounging on a beach in Central America. Oh, and zip lining through the jungle, hiking at Arenal volcano, and sea-kayaking in the Pacific. Somebody pinch me.
  7. The end is in sight. My program advisor just sent my graduation paperwork. I’m officially three classes away from having an MS. Hollaaaaaa.
  8. Mojo. I finally stole the new Tom Petty CD from my padre. It’s a rockin’ soundtrack to this productive day.
  9. Mother Nature. Yes, yes, the great earth mama is good, but so is Behr’s mother nature. We finally selected the perfect shade of sage green for the kitchen, and I’m itchin’ to kick off my final (perhaps?) spring painting project!
  10. Adorable, semi-literate children. This week marked the start of my new tutoring stint at the 826Seattle satellite location in High Point. Nothing like some sweet-faced elementary kids to remind you of the overwhelming good that’s still alive and well in today’s crazy world.

Enjoy the sunshine! The margarita count-down has begun…

Life is good, friends. Life is good.


One comment on “Bright and shiny

  1. Maria's Northwest Homes
    March 19, 2011

    Seattle sunshine brings joy, even if for just a few hours.

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