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BC, eh

The only thing that would have made my first trip to Whistler complete was if Adam had been there. Oh, and if we hadn’t spent most of our Saturday in the ER. But other than that, it was damn near perfect.

Highlights of the whirlwind weekend included:

  • Starting things off right. Aka Jasper nearly eating Kitty, followed by Jasper getting sprayed by Kitty, followed by me forcibly bathing Jasper with Herbal Essences
  • They let us in! Breezing through customs…and Jasper not attacking the border patrol
  • The scenic route. Taking a wrong turn the longer, more scenic route through Vancouver, checking out UBC and the West End along the way
  • Sea to Sky Highway. Sheer gorgeosity
  • Quick, like a cat. Winding, scenic motorways are not Jasper’s forte. Somehow, I managed to catch him in his one pukey moment of the ride…and cleanly catch his entire mess in a plastic bag. Basically, the greatest achievement of my life to date
  • Chance run-in. Randomly running in to the Adkins at the Squamish gas station. Who knew it was such a small, convenient world?
  • Free WiFi! What does maximizing on our resort’s free WiFi look like? Me, working remotely from a cozy cabin while drinking wine. Oh hellz yes
  • Bluebird day. Saturday blessed us with clear blue skies and sunshine. My first glimpse of Whistler village was divine
  • Test drive. Kickin’ it with Baby J in the village. Life is more fun when you’ve got a beautiful baby strapped to your chest. Strangers smile at you. Randoms congratulate you on your handsome offspring. And noontime bloody mary’s are perfect acceptable
  • Quality time in the Whistler ER. Cousin Liz managed to fracture her wrist…on her first run of the day. Sadness. After using the giggling baby to cheer her up whilst getting fitted for a bright orange cast, we were greeted by Cousin Erin being wheeled into the ER with a possibly strained MCL. Our bad luck was almost comical. Almost
  • Cheesy goodness. Homemade mac n’ cheese. ‘Nuff said
  • Crack. Homemade cinnabon cinnamon rolls. Main ingredient: crack. Delicious
  • Games and movies and stuff. Quality hanging out time with some of my favorites. Who has the best family a girl can ask for? I do
  • BC bridge tour. Gazing at the new Vancouver bridge, followed by a helter-skelter exit maneuver after Jasper puked on said bridge, followed by a wonky on-ramp and forced revisit of said bridge. For the record: the suspension bridge was just as impressive the second (and third) time around
  • Dog heaven. Cuddling between two pups the entire ride home. Despite the fact that they both smelled like dirty dog and one of the beasts was quivering with fear, drooling profusely, and on-again/off-again vomiting
  • Home sweet home. Canadia was awesome. But heading home is always a little more awesome


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