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Oh, right, the wedding

It’s been while, but after a multi-month hiatus from wedding planning, I’m back in the game. Watch out!

This weekend was a fun, productive return to the land of wedding craziness. A recap:

Suit shoppin’

Who knew that Adam wasn’t a cheap date. We somehow managed to spend more on his duds than we did on my dress. Go figure. But loooord, he looks handsome. Ow, ow!

We finally motivated ourselves for a trip to Men’s Warehouse. And thankfully the most helpful salesman I’ve ever encountered swooped us up seconds after we timidly walked through the door. He steered us through the sea of suits and ties and helped us find a range of options suitable for a) a tall, slender drink of water and b) a semi-casual outdoor late-summer wedding. It was great.

He even helped me put together some various color combo options for the groomsmen’s slacks, shirts, ties, and suspenders. Male fancy pants are endlessly confusing.

The best part? We happened to stumble in on the last day of their BOGO sale. So Adam went from 0 to 2 in the suit front in a matter of hours.

Did I mention how handsome he looked?

Ring sizin’

We then snuck off to Jared’s Galleria of Jewelry under the pretense of ring shopping. Really, I just wanted to get us sized and scope out the available heights for wedding bands, because we still have our hearts set on a pair of gorgeous handmade hammered bands that I found on Etsy.

Booze cruisin’

Anxious to spend even more of our hard-earned money, we sashayed over to Costco for an epic wallet-lightening shopping trip. Between very serious decisions regarding 2-lb boxes of oatmeal and giant tubs of minced garlic, we sized up the pricing of their beer and wine selection. I was overjoyed to find they sell magnum bottles of champagne. So yes, come wedding day, you’ll find me boogying down on the dance floor with a 1.5 liter bottle of bubbly in my hand. It’s going to be excellent.

Flower power(in’?)

When we got home, I found a tiny little box from Mignonne Handmade on the doorstep. My wedding hair flower had arrived! And yes, I’m really excited about it. Mignonne was another Etsy find, and the Phoenix shop, powered by Jenn Wood, does some gorgeous work. One of the shop’s pictures also provided the inspiration for my wedding hair vision. Love.

Whidbey day trippin’

On Sunday, Mama C, Doodle, and I headed north to Whidbey for some pre-wedding recon. We scoped out a few hair salons, and tracked down the three rental houses we reserved.

And ladies, the bridesmaid’s beach house is AMAZEBALLS. Seriously, it’s going to be hard to leave our waterfront digs for the wedding. The house is enormous, the spot is perfect, and there’s plenty of beachfront for catching up over ice-cold VLs. Yes, please!

And don’t worry, the fun don’t stop. Next weekend the aunties and west-coast bridesmaids are coming over for a second bottle cutting party. Although I’m not quite sure if they realize that I have nearly 100 bottles waiting patiently in the basement. It won’t be too painful, promise. And if nothing else, there will be lots and lots of wine.

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