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Pot wild

I *think* it’s safe to assume that spring is here. Nevermind the record cold temperatures and ungodly rain streak, it’s time to get dirty in the garden again.

Yesterday marked my first, albeit brief, return to the dirt. After work, Adam and I stopped off at Home Depot for bulbs, seeds, and soil, and I was immediately reminded of just how many of my paychecks went toward keeping the Depot in business last summer. Yikes!

Then, lured by a picture message with Doodle promising 50%-off pots (!!!), we made our way to McLendons before heading home. The ceramic beauties weren’t quite as cheap as the display lead on, but my attempts at modelling Mama C’s hardball bargaining attempts were in vain. Nevertheless, we left with a cart laden down with gravel, yet MORE soil, and some gorgeous new planters. Huzzah!

Back at the ranch, I began with something manageable: potting my cute lil’ herbs. I started with a gravel base for drainage, topped off with copious amounts of potting soil, and tucked the starts into their new beds.

Last year I made the mistake of cramming too much into too small of an area, so this year I’m trying to exercise a little restraint. First test: planting only one start per pot. Grade: A+.

Newly potted delights: BBQ rosemary, curly and flat leaf parsley, thyme, pineapple mint, and two varieties of lavender.

Next up: Bringing my alley-turned-cutting garden vision to life (lilies and sunflowers will soon be mine!). Details coming soon.

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This entry was posted on April 12, 2011 by in Garden, Home, Spring.
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