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Lavender be gone

You can all breathe a huge sigh of relief: the spare bedroom is no longer a sickening shade of pale lavender.

Of course I forgot to take decent a “before” picture to communicate just how pukey a shade of light purple it was, but it was somewhere in the New Violet or Pale Orchid range:

After dabbling in bright reds, dark blues, and oh-so-dark purples, we decided to tone things down with a nice neutral brown. But then we hemmed and hawed over the perfect brown. In the end, Behr’s Brown Tepee won out.

While prepping the room, Adam discovered that the wood behind the non-functioning baseboard heater was rotten—which resulted in a side project for him and Sean. I managed to stay out of their way during the whole messy process.

Once I finished painting the walls, I went to peel off the painter’s tape only to discover that the better part of the old trim paint peeled off in the process. No matter how gentle I was, the old, cracking paint pulled off en masse with the tape. Annoying.

But, thanks to an amazingly helpful gal from the Depot, I was able to match the color and texture of the trim paint to touch up the bare sections. It wasn’t 100% perfect, but it definitely did the job.

The highlight of this painting project was the excuse to reorganize and redecorate the spare room. Because I hated the former lavender walls, I usually kept the door to the room closed, which encouraged me to cram the space full o’ crap…and then hide it behind a closed door. So far the new organization system has held up—hopefully it lasts because I’m digging the open walkway and the lack of clutter!

Inspired by this newspaper template I saw on Young House Love, I used some old calendar pictures to measure the placement for four cheap IKEA mirrors. The technique worked perfectly, but sending nails through the foreheads of these cute old ladies felt a little barbaric:

I swapped the IKEA mirror hangers (string that I can never quite get taut enough) for hardware store brackets that I secured with the eighth wonder of the world: Gorilla Glue. Worked like a charm. 

Once the mirrors were hung, I decided that the space needed another column of mirrors to look complete. But that requires another trek to IKEA, so hopefully we get around to it one of these days…

I finished the update off with a set of clearance curtains for Target. Done and done!

Who’s ready to come visit??


2 comments on “Lavender be gone

  1. Crystal Martinez
    April 21, 2011

    How do you find the time to be so damn productive!? You are a superwoman! And the room looks amazing! I can totally see Jess and Alex enjoying some quiet time there while I supervise little Addie ;-)

    • stephchach
      April 21, 2011

      Haha–superwoman I’m not, but thanks! It was a satisfying painting project. And yes, you and I can watch lil’ Addie out in the back yard–can’t wait!! xoxo

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