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Doing what we do best: wine drinking

I called on the trusty wino ladies for the most difficult of wedding tasks: picking a wine label. In true form, they rose to the occasion and vowed not to stop drinking until we picked a crowd favorite.

Mission accomplished.

At the suggestion of my darling friend Julie, I picked three Washington-state labels distributed by Precept Wine. I chose based on three all-important factors: geography (Washington only), variety (labels that had a healthy sampling of whites and reds), and…aesthetics (labels that had a purdy, tree/PNW themed label).

The winners? Sockeye (we tasted their Pinot Noir), Pine and Post (a cab and a chardonnay), and three varietals from Washington Hills (cab, chardonnay, and sauvignon blanc).

Going into the evening, I already had my heart set on Washington Hills—mostly because I liked its mountain and tree adorned label. Yes, I’m a true connoisseur.

The tasting itself was highly scientific. I wrapped the bottles in construction paper to hide the label and numbered each. We sampled one vino at a time and paired them with the wine-friendliest of foods: Papa Murphy’s pizza. The class don’t stop.

Once we all swirled and sampled and swished, it was time to rate on a scale of one to ten—one being “That takes like cleaning solution, and I could definitely NOT bring myself to drink enough glasses of that to get a decent buzz” and ten being “Mmmm, this is deliciously drinkable, and I could easily drink 10 to 15 glasses while boogying down on the dance floor!” As I said, highly scientific.

In the end—once our glasses were empty and the scoring complete—we pulled off the paper to reveal the contenders. To my surprise, we’d all chosen Pine and Post.

After saying goodbye to the girls and thanking them for a wonderfully hilarious evening, I still wasn’t convinced, so I turned to Adam (you know, the other person in this wedding) for some advice.

Me: Ok, so what do you think—Washington Hills or Pine and Post?

Adam: I don’t care.

Me: I know, but pretend you care. Which?

Adam: I won’t be drinking wine. You pick.

Me: I knoooow, but I can’t decide. Pine and Post is cheaper and it tasted better, but Washington Hills looks better. And I like them both.


Adam: Wait, so it’s cheaper and it tastes better. Why can’t you decide?

Me: *Hmph!*

Looks like we have a winner. Aesthetics, be damned!

2 comments on “Doing what we do best: wine drinking

  1. Liz
    May 12, 2011

    Loved it! So much fun. I also really like that photo of the ladies – b/c they are hotties and b/c they are clearly smiling at something I’m saying. Haha

    • stephchach
      May 12, 2011

      haha very true! great evening, thanks for coming–fancy straightened hair and all!

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