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I’ve been a little incredulous of the whole stand up paddleboarding thing. When I first started seeing them on the water, from the safe and [mostly] dry comfort of my kayak, I wondered just what those crazy bro-brahs were up to. After all, this is Seattle, not Hawaii.

Now that I’ve had my first SUP adventure, I’ve had a change of heart. Instead of fantasizing about our upcoming Memorial Day Weekend kayak adventures, I’m wondering when I can make it back for the beach for SUP Ladies Night. (Although it would be nice to get back out on the water on a slightly warmer day.)

On assignment for the West Seattle Blog, Doodle and I checked out Tuesday SUP Demo Night, courtesy Alki Kayak Tours. You can get caught up on the full adventure, as told via the WSB, here.

Check it our for yourself–it’s a blast.

Some parting advice: Bring a warm change of clothes. Being out on the Sound gets pretty damn cold once the sun goes down. Trust me, I went for a swim.

*All photos from the adventerous and talented Chach Photography*

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