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A glassy preview

By the numbers:

  • Empty wine bottles: 98
  • Ounces of wine consumed for the cause: 55,500 ml (note: 2 cases of bottles came empty and pristine, straight from a unnamed bottling factory) (note dos: thanks to the winos for their applause-worthy wine consumption!)
  • Numbers of bottles cut, to-date: 47
  • Number of bottles still to be sanded, to-date: *ugh* more than 20
  • Number of bottles uncut, to-date: *double-ugh* you do the math: 98 minus 47 equals much work to be done
  • Number of times someone asks me if we need more bottles, to which I reply “yes!” as Adam replies “NO!!!!”: too many to count

We’re getting there! Until the final reveal, here’s a teaser… (ok, so they look better from farther away. also when sanded and washed. whatevs.)

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This entry was posted on June 9, 2011 by in Craftastic, Wedding.
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