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Löwman Bräu: It’s a West Seattle thing. You wouldn’t understand

West Seattle Blog likes to give us all the tough assignments, like stand-up paddleboarding and charity wine events. Apparently my focus areas are booze and the great outdoors…but I’m not complaining.

Last night Doodle and I hit up Beveridge Place Pub, Feedback Lounge, Zeeks (well, not for the story–we were hungry!), West 5, and Easy Street to cover the keg-tapping of a new, West Seattle-centric beer: Löwman Bräu. (Our plans to end the night at Big Al Brewing were thwarted by my crushed man friend who discovered that they close their doors at 9PM).

The beer was deliciously refreshing and not too hoppy–perfect for a warm summer evening. I was thrilled to shake the hand of Big Al himself and pick the brain of Feedback’s Jeff Gilbert.

Oh, and Doodle just informed me that we waltzed out of West 5 without paying Mike the Bartender for our pint. Whoops! Looks like an afternoon stopover at the Junction is in order.

Friends, check out the full story here, then go drink a pint! It’s tasty…and prooceds benefit local charities. Done and done.

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