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Hello, Utah

It’s been awhile. Life has been busy, the sun has been out (well, most days), and blogging got pushed to the back burner.

I’m in Utah this week for a proposal writing workshop by day and homework and work-work by night. If I were sleeping in my own bed and accompanied by my human and canine men-friends, it would be a marginally sweet set-up.

Utah is pretty gorgeous. It’s sunny and 90 without a cloud in the sky. I could get used to this. USU is built against a backdrop of mountains—not only is it a gorgeous visual, it keeps this out-of-towner from getting horribly lost.

After five days in Logan, I’m about ready to head back to the real world. Here’s a quick glimpse back at the week…


Everything else in town was booked for a science conference, so I ended up staying at the Quality Inn. The name was more than a little misleading.


After class let out on Monday, I set out to see about a bike. USU has this really awesome program called Blue Bikes (not to be confused with similarly colored male body parts).

The center is a collaboration between the Utah Conservation Corps and AmeriCorps. Students can borrow a bike for a day or five—the idea is to promote healthy living and reduce fossil fuel consumption. I can get behind those things. Plus, I got hooked up with this gorgeous cruiser. She was mine for the week, and she was a delight.

Oh, and I may have found the perfect man for my sister. Tall, well-built, passionate about biking, and pretty damn high on life. Doodle, you’re welcome.


Who knew?


Seriously, I want this thing. Delicious and cold filtered water and a smart fill sensor, PLUS it tells you how many water bottles have been saved thanks to earth-loving types like yourself! Sorta silly, but I think the Über office needs one.


Campus is purdy. It’s like being an undergrad all over again. Brick buildings, green grass, and big ol’ hills. I took a few shots this morning, so I can prove to my dad that yes, my Interwebs university really exists.


Don’t get me wrong, I like a good spontaneous adventure, but I thrive on routine. By the end of this week, I’ve got this summer workshop thing down…

Cycle to and from campus–check. (Note: Anything remotely hillish on a heavy one speed cruiser is more than remotely hellish.)

Lunchtime study sesh @ the shiny new Merrill Library—done.

Afternoon textbook reading/sunbathing @ Caffe Ibis and/or the local park.

Dinner from one of the handful of local establishments–on it.

Evening work session @ the questionably clean hotel–oh yes, this is happening.

It’s been real, Utah, but this girl is ready to back on the homefront.

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