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Luck o’ the Irish

Hello, friends. I’m back.

I’ve found that, like most people, my hobbies ebb and flow with time. For quite a while, blogging was the thing that made my work-from-home gig livable. But most recently, it’s fallen by the wayside. But I’d like to jump back into the blogosphere.

Adam and I are camped out at O’Hare, waiting for our flight back to Seattle. We snuck in an unofficial reunion weekend in Chicago, and it was everything we’d hoped for—good friends, lovely family, Irish-themed shenanigans, and lots and lots of food. The unexpected preview of summer was the icing on the cake. It was pretty perfect.

I’m a northwest girl through and through, but I love my ties to Chicago. It’s a big, crazy, exciting place to be, and the city always bears the promise of seeing some of my favorite people.

It’s been six years since we graduated from college, but I love that I’ve been able to keep in touch with the people who shaped me during those college years. Better yet, I love that our spouses and S.O.’s have been folded into the group.

On Saturday night, after midday margaritas—but before midnight Chicago dogs—I looked up and took in the scene. On either side of me, at a sticky window booth, were four dear girl friends. The table was a sea of half-filled beer pitchers. Across the booth, our men were swapping stories and giggling at the drunks trying to hail cabs on Clark street. Really, could you ask for more?

Weekends like this one bring out the sentimental in me. This is a good life that I’ve been given. Somehow I ended up married to a kind, loving man, and we’re both blessed with amazing friends and family. We’re pretty lucky.

Now we’re heading back to our house, a crazy dog, our families, and a little mid-winter rain. The only thing better than a long weekend away is returning home.




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