Seattle adventures, life, home, and coffee—in no particular order


I lead a small, but happy life in one of the most beautiful places on earth. I live in West Seattle with my two favorite men—one human, one canine. I spend my time exploring the Pacific NW, venturing far and wide for the perfect soy cappuccino, drinking vino with the lovely ladies of Wino Readfest, playing in the kitchen, trying my hand at gardening, practicing yoga, compulsively oversharing on the interwebs, relaxing with my man-friend, and soaking up the goodness of my big, crazy family. That’s me. Thanks for stopping in—hope you come back.


One comment on “About

    November 28, 2010

    Hi! today in the morning i woke up thinking about my wedding… i have to say i dont have anything ready, my boyfriend and i are thinking about getting married some day next october, but is just so stressfull to decide the pary, the trip, how much to spend in every single detail, we dont have enough money for all what we want thats for sure, and we didnt think about having a recepcion in the first place, but you now how the family is, and this is like a snow ball, the only thing that i allready buy is the wedding dress and is soooo much expensive than what i was planned.. i found your blog and read a little about you wedding planning, i felt so much empaty. sorry if theres some mistakes in my writing english is my second lenguage, i live in Mexicali Bc Mexico, im 26, and im desparate! jajaja congrats for your blog. Cecy

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