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Coffee & such

It’s no secret that I like coffee. It’s also no secret that I get rabid cabin fever after working exclusively from home too many days in a row. Hence, the motivation behind my personal coffee shop challenge.

In short, I congratulate myself for getting out of bed, washing my hair, and ditching the PJs for real clothes with a steaming mug of coffee (and, who am I kidding, an over-sized Macrina biscotti). I also search Seattle far and wide for the greatest that this coffee-crazed city has to offer. It’s been a fun ride.

As any java devote will tell you, one’s quest for coffee mecca is never complete. So, although I successfully met my personal goal of  journeying to 20 cafes in 20 [almost] consecutive work days, I’m still on the prowl. Got a suggestion? Send it on over. Need some caffeine? Join me! Hate coffee? We can’t be friends.

Here’s a running archive of coffee-related posts, starting–as all good lists should–at the beginning:

Just ’cause the challenge is over doesn’t mean the coffee shop lovin’ has to stop!


One comment on “Coffee & such

  1. strongropes
    May 25, 2011

    If you ever find yourself in the great, small city of Port Townsend I’d like to recommend you try Better Living Through Coffee on 100 Tyler Street on the water. Besides the fact that I am a silent co-owner, the roaster has been doing his thing for over 30 years, and the coffee is really spectacular. Looks like you’ll be passing through on the way to your wedding! Mazel Tov!
    http://www.bltcoffee.com http://www.porttownsendcoffee.com

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